RENTAL AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT EXECUTED on the day of booking, in consideration of the rental payment, and the Terms and Conditions dated March 10, 2023, attached, is entered into by the parties hereto for themselves, their heirs, successors, and legal representatives. Squatch Lodge LLC, DBA Squatch Acres, hereafter known as “Proprietor / Host” doeth rent collectively unto you, the “renter / guest”, the property called Squatch Acres, 866 Carlie Drive, Clarkson KY 42726. All Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions listed on this page and Page 1 and 2 of the Terms and Conditions dated March 10, 2023 of this document are hereby made a part of this Agreement. A scanned, faxed, downloaded, digitally signed, or emailed copy of this Agreement shall have the full legal force and effect of an original signed document. BY RENTING THE SQUATCH ACRES, I AGREE THAT I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS ATTACHED TO THIS AGREEMENT. RENTAL AGREEMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS Effective MARCH 10, 2023 Reservations are confirmed with paid booking via, VRBO, Airbnb, and/or When booking on, guests may request and receive multiple payment options including 10% down, 50% down and other formats that suits the renter’s needs best (in plain English, if the guest books on, they will have the choice of multiple payment options by asking the owner via email Payments made by third party booking platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) are handled exclusively by the platform and the host cannot and does not have access to your payment until your stay is completed. For any payment issues on third party booking sites, you must contact the platform’s customer service. Deposits and rental payments are non-refundable. CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so 60 days prior to your arrival date, or forfeit your deposit (or payment in full if this has taken place) when booked on a booking platform. When booking is made via, a 50% refund may be granted under extenuating circumstances if cancellation is made between 30-60 days prior to check in (although not guaranteed). No refunds for cancellations 0-30 days prior to your reservation. INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event a named storm threatens the NOLIN LAKE area and evacuations are ordered, the unused balance of the rental amount will be refunded. No refunds for any other weather or lake conditions as they are an Act of God that no human can control. REGISTERED GUESTS: Squatch Acres (866 Carlie Drive, Clarkson KY 42726) has a maximum capacity of 6 Registered Guests (8 may be permitted with prior authorization). Overcrowding of the Unit will result in a charge of $250 to credit card on file, and immediate evacuation of the premises, with no refund of remaining rental amount. No House Parties are allowed; occupancy will be immediately terminated with no refund. DAY GUESTS: Rental Unit and Property is for the use of Registered Guests only. Day Guests may be permitted with prior approval from the proprietor. Requests should be made prior to executing the rental agreement. SMOKING: No Smoking inside the unit, on the deck or within 20 feet of the home. Vaping will be permitted provided all batteries are turned off before sleeping. When leaving the home, you must take your all of your vaping apparatus with you (i.e., going to the lake, going out to eat, etc.) Evidence of smoking or the smell of smoke on the property will result in a minimum of $500.00 cleaning fee charged against your credit card. Fee can increase depending on the severity of the residual odor and cleaning necessary. This applies for any type of smoke – marijuana or tobacco. PETS: No pets of any size, shape, or species are permitted without prior permission from the proprietor. Legitimate service animals are always welcome, but be prepared to answer legally permitted questions in alignment with ADA laws. Fee for pets will be determined based on multiple factors including size, breed, and insurance limitations. No pit bulls are allowed on the property under any circumstance (requirement of insurance company). Any urine odor/stains, feces odor/stains, or excess fur on furniture will result in a fee charged to credit card on file. Damage to the property as a result of pet misconduct (holes dug in yard, furniture damage, etc.) will be subject to a fine and repair costs to be charged to renter’s credit card on file. You must pick up your pet’s droppings in a plastic bag and dispose of it properly. Left behind feces in the yard can result in a fine. NOISE: Proprietor does not guarantee quiet use or enjoyment of rental property due to noise from other persons, neighboring properties, construction, maintenance, etc. Proprietor cannot grant rate adjustments resulting from circumstances outside of the rental property. FOR SQUATCH ACRES, THERE IS NO NOISE ORDINANCE. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: Proprietor does not guarantee air conditioners or other appliances will be in working condition during the entirety of rental. All equipment is regularly serviced and in perfect working condition as of 06/10/23. Should a problem occur, a service call will be arranged immediately upon notification to the Proprietor, Lynn or Tim Mitchell (937-417-0769 or 937-621-0467). Should a repair person make a service call and find the equipment is not in working order due to guest misuse, oversight or neglect, the fee for the service will be charged to the Renter. Proprietor cannot offer refunds for inconvenience caused by inoperable equipment. Renter shall permit the Proprietor or his agent at any reasonable time to enter said premises or any part thereof for the purpose of making repairs. Proprietor or his agent shall provide reasonable notice except in the case of emergency. INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS: Renter agrees that Proprietor shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to anyone occurring on the premises or elsewhere on the Proprietor’s property or from use of items belonging to the property (canoe, kayaks, life jackets, etc.) regardless of cause. Renter agrees to indemnify and defend Proprietor/Host and save Proprietor/Host harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, counsel fees, fines, penalties, liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising from the negligence of Renter, Registered Guests or Renters’ Guests. DAMAGES: Renter will at the end of the rental period surrender and deliver said premises, without demand, in as good order and condition as when entered upon with ordinary wear and use as the only exception. Any damages will be billed to the credit card on file. VIOLATION OF COVENANTS AND CONDITIONS: It is further understood and agreed between the parties hereto, that if Renter shall violate any of the covenants and conditions of this Agreement, the Renter waives all rights of notice to vacate said premises, and the Proprietor shall be entitled to reenter and retake possession immediately of the demised premises and retain the balance of any Rental Payment remaining. WIFI: Free WIFI is available for your convenience. Due to the numerous different providers and age and configuration of your personal computer or electronic devices, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect. We will do our best to assist you, but cannot be held responsible and no refunds will be offered if you are unable to take advantage of this service. SUPPLIES: Units are supplied with limited quantities of soap, toothpaste, snacks, coffee, cleaning supplies and paper products; once those items have been depleted by the guest, purchase of any additional products are the responsibility of the guest. The host provides supplies, snacks, cleaning products and other amenities as a courtesy to guests to make their stay more enjoyable and to provide a good value. Please note that overuse of any supply WILL be charged to the guest’s card on file. For example, in plain English: the units are stocked with dozens of single-serve breakfast cereals. If you stay 3 days and use 6 of the cereals, that would be considered normal use (one per day for breakfast plus one per day as a snack). Taking all of the cereals and putting them in your suitcase to take home however, is considered excessive. We want you to relax and have fun at Squatch Acres so feel free to enjoy the items we leave for you but please don’t take advantage by taking more than your fair share. We really hate that we have to put this clause in here however, far too often we are replacing $20 jugs of Tide because the guest took them home with them (we are really skeptical of someone who did 200+ loads of laundry during a weekend stay). If you notice a supply is running low, please text or call the hosts at 937-417-0769. Our cleaners try to keep up with inventory but sometimes items are missed and we appreciate your help in keeping the house fully stocked. If an item is running low and there is not enough to cover your stay, we will purchase a new item at our cost and have it delivered to the house during your stay (this excludes charcoal for the grill). GRILLS: The charcoal grill is provided as a convenience to Renter. Renter is responsible for cleaning grill after every use (tools are provided). Renter is responsible for purchasing or refilling the charcoal if they use it. BOATS: The gravel driveway at Squatch Acres is flat and can accommodate just about any size of watercraft and multiple cars. KEYS: Lock-out/lost key fee $100. BAIT AND FISH: No bait is allowed in the refrigerator or freezer. Fish and/or bait debris shall be disposed of in sealed trash bags, and not dumped on the ground or unbagged in the trash cans. $100 cleaning charge will be charged against Renter’s credit card for failure to comply. AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING: All doors and windows must be kept closed when the air conditioning or heating system is being used. If the doors or windows to the unit are observed being left open for extended periods of time while the systems are in operation, $250 will be charged against your credit card. HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES: There is no daily housekeeping service. Rental units are supplied with towels and linens. A washer and dryer are on-site in the unit. PEST CONTROL: Units are regularly treated for pest control by a contracted pest control company (indoors and outdoors). Nolin Lake is a wooded area; some pests are inherent to the region and climate, making them resilient against professional treatment. Do not be alarmed if you see wasps, ladybugs or “stink bugs”. These are extremely common, and they are pests that cannot be eradicated even with professional treatment. Presence of these insects does NOT indicate a lack of cleanliness – remember, you are at a lake, in the woods. Please use bug spray for yourself and your pets to ensure your own safety, especially when walking in the yards as ticks are also common despite professional treatment. PERSONAL ITEMS: Proprietor will not be held responsible for any personal items left behind. If you request us to retrieve and mail items left in the unit, you will be responsible for mailing/shipping charges plus $60.00 processing fee. Proprietor is not responsible for loss of personal belongings or valuables of Registered Guests. DEPARTURE PROCEDURE: Renter shall use dishwasher to clean dishes (not required to put them away if time is a consideration), take all trash bags outside and put in the trash can, leave the laundry in a pile on the floor for the cleaning crew, and leave the unit in good order. Excess cleaning charges at $65/hour will be charged against your deposit for failure to comply. Upon departure, Renter shall leave keys in the lock box and lock the doors and windows. During winter (October – March), the furnace should be set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit upon leaving. During summer (April-September), the furnace should be set to no less than 72 degrees Fahrenheit upon departure. A paid booking for Squatch Acres indicates acceptance, acknowledgement and agreement for host to charge my credit card for the amounts above as incurred. I agree that all rental monies are non-refundable per cancellation policy above. When booking through, payments will be displayed as Squatch Lodge on the Guest's credit card statement. A paid booking for Squatch Acres indicates acceptance, acknowledgement and agreement to all terms and conditions outlined in this document and agreement that a booking is the legal equivalent of the renter’s manual/handwritten signature on this form. Squatch Acres | | 937-417-0769 |